We take care of All the aspects of Property Management:

  • Appraise Your Property  & set market rents
  • Market & Present your property to Quality Tenants
  • Conduct thorough reference checks
  • Complete Comprehensive Tenancy Agreements
  • Detailed written & photographic inspection
  • Regular inspections & maintenance checks
  • Comprehensive Documentation with written reports on the condition of your property
  • Maintain close control of rental payments
  • Prompt Organization of maintenance required
  • Payment of rates, Body Corp fees, insurance etc.
  • Owner Payment twice monthly or monthly
  • Monthly statements summarizing all transactions
  • End of Financial Statement for Tax
  • Review rents to keep pace with inflation and the local rental market

Discover The Advantages:

Marketing Your Property
We create quality marketing campaigns for your property using interactive media and quality photography.
Enquiries are generated through:

  • realestate.com.au
  • The Advertiser
  • The Messenger
  • Relocation Agencies
  • Our Comprehensive Data  base of Tenants

Open House & Inspections By Appoitnment

All clients are personally shown through your property by one of our staff members. This is done through Open House and Inspections by Appointment

These Appointments allow us to

  • Obtain Maximum exposure quickly
  • Promote Competition
  • Reduce opportunity of low offers
  • Meet and assess the Applicants
  • Encourage Applicants to apply quickly

The security of your property is of paramount concern to us!
WE DO NOT GIVE OUT KEYS to prospective tenants.

Only The Most Suitable Tenants

Quality Tenants is a High Priority

Trusted with properties from Christies Beach to Gawler, with rents between $100 – $1000 per week, one thing remains paramount – selecting the most suitable Tenants for your property.

Comprehensive reference checks are conducted on all of the Applicants for your property.  These references are obtained from:

  • Previous Landlords
  • Current Employers
  • Known Associates & Family
  • Our Personal Assessment, and
  • An On-line Nation Wide Data Base

We only make our recommendations to you, after we’ve completed these checks.  You are always given the opportunity to have the final say as to who goes into your property.

Quality Documentation

Comprehensive Tenancy Agreement

  • In Addition to the Standard Residential Tenancy Agreement we add our own guide for Tenants

Thorough Written Ingoing Inspections agreed to by the Tenants

  • Detailed reports are documented at the commencement of the Tenancy

Detailed Photography

  • 40 – 60 photographs are taken of the inside and outside of your property at the start of every Tenancy


Once we have selected a suitable Tenant for your investment – we keep in close contact with them.

Routine inspections are carried out on a 3 monthly basis.

You will be supplied with a comprehensive report for each inspection.

Maintenance and Presentation are the focal points of the inspections and both of these areas will be addressed.

We also have a company vehicle on the road full-time and will drive past your property on a regular basis between scheduled inspections.

We Do More Than Just Collect Rent

Rent Arrears (where more means less)
Because our tenant selection procedure is so thorough, our delinquency level is minimal.

For a wide range of reasons, Tenants may occasionally fall into arrears. When this happens we proceed as follows:

1 – 6 days overdue
An overdue notice is forwarded reminding tenants of their obligations

7 – 14 days overdue
Formal notification is forwarded advising tenants that if arrears are not paid by the 15th day a Notice to Remedy Breach – Notice to Terminate will be served.

Accounts Made Easy

Rental Income
We will pay your money directly into a designated bank account – once or twice a month – your choice!

Rates, Body Corp, Maintenance & Accounts
We can pay all your outgoings directly out of the rent collected – all costs incurred are tax deductible

Statements of Account
Each month and at the End of Financial Year we will send you a Statement summarizing all of the Transactions

Relax With Insurance

You can relax knowing that a comprehensive Landlord Protection Policy is now available through our office covering such areas as:

  • Malicious Damage
  • Legal Liability
  • Defaulting Tenants
  • Contents up to $50 000

At just over $235 per annum (on a pro-rata basis), we feel this fully tax deductible policy is worth considering.

This policy removes the risk and gives you peace of mind.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We are so happy to have you looking after our property – we don’t have to worry about chasing you to do your job, you take care of everything.
Mr and Mrs Marsh – Darwin, NT

It’s been a pleasure to have you look after the house – it’s like I didn’t even have it, it was so easy!
Mrs K Steed – Willaston, SA

I love you guys, you make sure you do the job, it is so easy even though we live in Queensland.
Ms C Agostino – Carindale, QLD

I can tell you know what you are doing, you have answers to the hard questions.
Ms D Iredale – Humpty Doo, NT

Quality Service

“The bitterness of poor service lingers long after the price is forgotten”

We are not prepared to compromise the service we offer our clients

Cutting prices invariably means cutting the service offered which is not in your interest or ours.

Our fees for the leasing and management of properties reflect the quality of service we offer.

Fuss Free & Easy Transition

We handle the Transfers on your behalf!

Yes – you don’t have to worry, we contact your previous agents for you!

To download a copy of our Prospectus, please click the link below named “Our Services Prospectus”

Rental Prospectus